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Cost £50 - including  refreshments To book this course please pay £20.00 deposit. We accept all  major credit and debit cards.

We offer exceptional standards of training in modern, comfortable surroundings.

Places are limited so please book early


Pebblestones Energy Workshops




Training Room

Angel Workshop Two - Discovering Angels

Date To Be Confirmed 10am - 4pm

Cost £50 including refreshments - please provide own lunch

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow”.

 More and more people in everyday life are aware of the presence of angels. Belief in angels is not tied to any particular religion. Angels are beautiful beings of love and light who can help us in all aspects of our life. We don’t have to be super good people to call upon angels. All we need is pureness of intention and a loving heart and we can learn to work with angels every day for our highest good.

These four one-day workshops will help individuals feel comfortable accessing their own inner wisdom and help everyone attune to angelic energies. The workshops can be done in any order and there are no prerequisites.

 Angel workshop 2           Angel Magic


An introduction to Angels and Ascended Masters

Connecting to your Guardian Angel

Connecting to the compassionate energy of Kwan Yin

Connecting to angels of manifestation

Clearing any blocks and defining your goals

Opening to the energy of abundance

Identifying angelic signs and signals

Using guided meditations and visualisation exercises to connect with angels

Also available: Angel 2 Angel Magic and Angel 3 Angel Healing

‘Exceptional Standards of Training in Modern Comfortable Surroundings’


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