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Monu By Susan Molyneux




Here at Pebblestones, we use Susan Molyneux products for your facials. Enjoy unique formulations that utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils.


No Monu product formulation contains damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes or synthetic colours; nor do they test on animals.


All hour and 90 minute facials include either a hand and arm massage or a foot and leg massage.




Pay for a course of six facials in advance and save 10% on the quoted price.

(Not including specials offers).





As most facials involve facial massage, you are requested not to wear contact lenses during the treatment.


Drink plenty of water to flush any toxins out.


Do not apply make-up up to 12 hours after having the treatment as this will clog your pores.


Do not have a sun bed / sun shower treatment or sauna as this will irritate your open pores.


Do not apply fake tan as this will get into the pores and will block them. 


You can expect some breakouts after having a facial. This is normal as all your toxins are being flushed out.


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Facial Treatment    

Amethyst Beauty Room


Express Facial                            (30 mins)     All Skin Types

An ideal treatment for those pushed for time, but still find time for relaxation. This effective & nourishing treatment uses products containing specially blended botanical extracts to boost cellular renewal and leaves your skin feeling revitalised. The treatment incorporates cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, moisturise and specialist preparations for eyes, lips and face.



Aromatherapy Facial                  (60 mins)     All Skin Types

This wonderful facial balances and restores the skin by using products containing fragrant essential oils that treat specific skin types with relaxing massage to lift the features. Your skin is cleansed, toned, peeled and massaged using fragrant essential oils. To complete the treatment a mask is applied and then the skin is moisturized, leaving it glowing and radiant. A relaxing and nourishing treatment that will leave your skin feeling truly pampered.  (Frequency: recommended once a month or if needed once a fortnight depending on initial condition of the skin)



SOS Facial Treatment                 (60 mins)     Dry, Sensitive and Mature Skin Types

This treatment will rescue the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and the environment. It has been designed to treat skin that is feeling dehydrated and tired and will help delay the aging process by improving cellular renewal using specially formulated rescue serums. (Frequency : once a month for optimum results)



Ampoule Facial                               (60 Mins)       All Skin Types

Ampoules containing concentrated serums are used in this highly effective treatment. The ampoules will help to normalise the skin due to the very active ingredients. There is a treatment for oily/acne prone skin and one for normal to dry skin. After exfoliating, the ampoule fluid is applied a relaxing massage and mask is used and the skin is moisturised.



Alpha Facial                                     (60 Mins)       All Skin Types in particular tired, sallow looking skin

This effective facial incorporates Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) that will clarify and help delay the appearance of aging skin. AHA consists of fruit acids to speed up exfoliation and encourage skin renewal. By peeling away dead skin cells, AHA's diminish fine lines and brighten the complexion.



Active Collagen-Bio Facial          (60 Mins)       Dry, Mature, Sensitive and Wrinkle Prone Skin Types

The Active Collagen-Bio Facial has been designed to reduce the signs of aging using freeze-dried collagen. This intensive collagen treatment improves the skinís ability to retain moisture. After just one treatment the skinís ability to hold moisture is improved by up to 75%. After just 6 treatments wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40%. (Frequency : for best results once a week for six weeks, then once a month for maintenance)


Essential Oil Facial                        (90 Mins)       All Skin Types

Top of the range facial that is unique and used only by Susan Molyneux therapists. The Essential Oil Facial is extremely therapeutic, relaxing and beneficial and treats all skin types. A scalp massage is incorporated within the facial to finish the whole relaxing experience. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, essential oil compress, aromatherapy oil facial massage.



Rejuvenating Eye Treatment      (45 Mins)       All Skin Types

This treatment uses ampoules containing concentrated serums and an eye gel mask that delivers highly effective hydration to the eye area. (Frequency recommended : a course of six , one a week then once a month for maintenance)



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