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Mick Cooper group 1


Interesting, challenging, thought provoking.


Excellent, right up my street! Totally appropriate.


Amazing, thought provoking. Inspiring to learn so much more on the topic.


Really informative.


Most enjoyable, especially enjoyed group and pairs work.


WOW!! Absolutely fascinating.


Very informative and interesting and useful for clients and self.


Ran smoothly, good handouts.


Like balance of theory and experiential.


Definitely value for money.


Mick Cooper group 2


Donna, Mick & Kasi


A Masterclass with Mick Cooper

On Saturday 7th October 2006 10.00am to 4.00 pm

Cost £95.00 – including lunch and refreshments

This one day workshop offered counsellors and psychotherapists of all orientations an opportunity to develop their understanding of existential philosophy and therapeutic approaches, and to look at ways in which it might help them to enhance their therapeutic practice.

The workshop involved a combination of theoretical input, discussion and exercises, and focused on four particular aspects of existential thinking:-

  •  The exploration of freedom and choice.

  • Coming to terms with the limitations of existence.

  • Understanding human beings as beings in relationship

  • The human need for meaning.

Mick Cooper, Ph.D., UKCP Reg., is a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at the University of Strathclyde and a UKCP-registered existential psychotherapist. Mick is author of Existential Therapies, (Sage 2005), co-author with Dave Mearns of Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy, (Sage 2005), and has written several chapters and papers on aspects of existential therapy, person-centred therapy and self-plurality. Mick has recently been awarded the BACP Research Prize recognising achievement in Counselling & Psychotherapy 2005 award in the experienced researcher category for his evaluation of an innovative counselling in schools project.

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‘As a trainer, I was delighted with the resources and attention to detail provided by the team at Pebblestones. They were a real pleasure to work with, and I look forward for providing training with them again at some point in the future’

Mick Cooper, Ph.D., UKCP Reg. Professor of Counselling, University of Strathclyde.


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