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Cost £30 - including  refreshments. To book this course please pay £15.00 deposit. The balance is to be paid by 30/10/07.  We accept all  major credit and debit cards.

The 'Working Therapeutically with' workshops include: Art, Creative Writing, Metaphor and Small Objects. Click for more information. Dinah also runs the very popular Drawing Your Inner Child workshop.

Most courses count towards Continuing Professional Development and a Certificate of Attendance is awarded after each course.

Certificate and Diploma
As well as doing day workshops, Pebblestones also run CPCAB Accredited Certificate courses including:

Places are limited so please book early


Training Room

Working Therapeutically with Small Objects

Tuesday 13th November 2007. 6.15pm - 9.15pm


Cost £30.00(inc VAT) –  including refreshments

This workshop offers experience of working therapeutically with small objects such as buttons stones and shells.  We will also explore how this method may be incorporated into counselling practice, or used by workers in allied services.  It may also be of interest to participants who wish to use this method for themselves, to gain insight into and maybe resolution of their own issues.


The process of symbolising thoughts, feelings and experiences into external, concrete images is in itself healing and enables us to become more clearly aware of unconscious processes or habitual patterns of behaving. 


By using symbolic objects which can be moved around in space and time we add a further dimension to this process helping us to imaginatively try out different choices, perspectives and outcomes, so this method is particularly useful for working with decisions, choices about future directions and experiences of chaos and stuckness. 


Objects will be provided, and you will be encouraged to use the contents of handbags and pockets. Some work will be done sitting on the floor so please wear comfortable clothes. Tables and chairs are also available.

Dinah Dossor

Dinah studied English language and literature from 1962-70, and retained her enthusiasm for literature and language principally through poetry. She commenced a life-long commitment to training and practice in the creative and expressive arts in the 70’s, exploring the many creative and therapeutic applications of the visual arts as a lecturer in LJMU Art School. She taught on the University Counselling Diploma from its inception in 1991 until her retirement last year and in the last years of her university employment, she managed the University Counselling Service as Senior Counsellor. She has worked as a therapist in a variety of settings, educational, primary health care, a community and voluntary sector and now works in private practice as a counsellor, supervisor and management consultant, She has training and experience in a range of therapeutic orientations and works principally in the person centred approach.

A Certificate of Attendance will be given and this course counts towards Continuing Professional Development.                Click here for a link to the booking request form.

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