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We are running one weekly yoga classe at Pebblestones.


Tuesday 4.30pm - 6pm


The class is open for all ability groups. Yoga classes are £7 per session and are payable a month in advance.


Great as a present - even better for yourself! Here at Pebblestones we have designed a number of packages to help de-stress and beautify you. We can also tailor make packages to suit. Just click to find out more.





Amber Beauty Room

Massage Treatment    

Amethyst Beauty Room



Reiki is a healing of the energy, a return to greater wholeness. The session is so relaxing, allow yourself to be open to the universe.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is Japanese for “universal life energy”. Rei means universal and ki or chi is the vital life energy that flows through every living thing. Reiki is a gentle but powerful healing energy and a Reiki treatment balances all the main energy systems in the body helping to bring the whole self into a state of harmony.


Reiki consists of a sequence of light touches that channel universal energy to the client. The client lies on the bed, fully clothed with the hands of the therapist on or just above the client. The client usually feels a sensation of heat coming from the hands. A Reiki treatment always gives a feeling of well-being and relaxation. This is helpful in itself for people suffering from stress or stress-related illnesses. Reiki can also help people in stressful situations maintain their energy levels and prevent the onset of illness.


What are the benefits?

Reiki is a system of healing suitable for many conditions both on a physical and emotional level. Reiki can be of great benefit for:

{     Managing stress and tension

{     Personal growth and confidence

{     Supporting conventional medicine

{     Support during times of crisis

{     Stimulating natural healing

{     Speeding recovery after surgery or injury

{     Releasing blocked energies and cleansing toxins

{     Promoting harmony within relationships


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