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Cost £235 - including refreshments To book this course please pay £70.00 deposit. We accept all  major credit and debit cards.

We offer exceptional standards of training in modern, comfortable surroundings.

Places are limited so please book early


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Training Room

Reiki Third Degree - Advanced Reiki Training

Dates To Be Confirmed

10am - 4pm

Cost £235 including refreshments - please provide own lunch

Reiki Third Degree Training: Advanced Reiki Training is a powerful 2 day course in which you will receive the Master symbol to accelerate personal and spiritual development. The course focuses on developing the students connection to or experience of Reiki energy and includes further techniques to increase the scope and effectiveness of your Reiki practice.  

It is an excellent preparation for Mastership and explores some very powerful ways of working with Reiki energies.

This advanced course is particularly helpful for those who would like the Master symbol for their own use but who are not yet interested in teaching Reiki.

 Teachings include:

  • Reiki Master Symbol and Attunement

  • Setting up crystal grids to enable Reiki to be sent continuously to yourself and others.

  • Psychic surgery: a powerful technique to enable you to identify and remove blocks and unwanted energy from the energy field and psyche.

  • Developing intuition, exploring the power of intent, developing sensitivity to the energy and enhancing self healing.



‘Exceptional Standards of Training in Modern Comfortable Surroundings’


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