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Cost £500.00.  We accept all  major credit and debit cards. Initial deposit £160 due on confirmation of course followed by 5 instalments of £68 to be paid January, February, March, April and May. Cancellation or withdrawal after course start date will incur the full course fee. Sending a deposit constitutes an agreement with this policy.

Most courses count towards Continuing Professional Development and a Certificate of Attendance is awarded after each course.
Our trainers are reputable and acknowledged to be established in their field. Our training staff are supportive of students.


Certificate and Diploma
As well as doing day workshops, Pebblestones also run CPCAB Accredited Certificate courses including:

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Training Room

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Date to be confirmed

Cost £500.00 (including £105 CPCAB candidate registration fee)


This course, awarded by CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body), provides a transition from using counselling skills at an informal level to counsellor practitioner training.


This is a very practical course with an emphasis on learning through doing, which introduces you to the basic skills of active listening and other helping skills.


Qualification units and elements. All of the units are compulsory.
Unit 1. Use counselling skills ethically & safely
Unit 2. Manage the helping interaction
Unit 3. Communicate understandings of diversity
Unit 4. Manage an active listening space
Unit 5. Use self-awareness in the helping role
Unit 6. Use counselling skills coherently
Unit 7. Use study skills to help manage learning


At the beginning of each course, tutors need to allow time to consider and formulate an agreement about confidentiality among group members. In group discussion, trainees are expected to speak for themselves and not for colleagues. In written work they should give substitutes for colleagues' names. In terms of case material any personal, identifying details of clients will need to be omitted.


Student Commitment

Students are responsible for their own learning, including their participation in class activities. This means that in class they should try not to become involved in any personal material with which they or their peers are unable to deal. Counselling training programmes do not constitute counselling and therapy. Trainees need to maintain a boundary between material suitable for exploration and discussion within the group, and material that should be taken to their own counselling or therapy.


Specific requirements - An Introduction to Counselling Skills is preferred. The main requirement is an interest in working with people and a desire to work with change, growth and development.
Criteria to be considered · Able to cope with course content · Possess the ability to translate intra-personal experience into language · Able to benefit from self development · Possess emotional stability · Identify reasons for training beyond just personal development · Be aware of the time resources required to meet demands of the course · Awareness of difference and diversity
Communication skills - You will need to be confident about your ability to work with others in pairs and small groups
Literacy - You will need to have the ability to read academic texts, and write essays and reports to a professional standard.


Action planning - You will need to be able to plan time to meet deadlines for course work.


Donna D’Arcy Director of Pebblestones is a qualified Integrative Counsellor with a Post Graduate qualification in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She holds a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a Certificate in  Counselling Supervision and has further training in Couples Counselling.



‘Exceptional Standards of Training in Modern Comfortable Surroundings’


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