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Very beautifully presented. Calming and informative. Great sensitivity and humour. Powerful, relaxing and easy to be there.

Very good. Well constructed. Interesting leant a lot through person-centred art therapy.

Very interesting and informative. Would like to know more. Run sensitively. Was surprising to get so much from one drawing.


Training Room

Person-Centred Art Therapy Skills Taster Session

Tuesday 5th June 2007. 6.15pm - 9.15pm


Cost £30.00(inc VAT) – including refreshments

Person-Centred Art Therapy Skills Taster Session

This workshop introduces the use of person-centred skills to explore images drawn or painted spontaneously.  It is open to counsellors and others in a helping role, as well as individuals interested in understanding the messages in their own imagework. Participants will have the opportunity to create images and learn initial skills in facilitation - a non-interpretive, non-directive way.  Art materials and handouts will be provided. Person-centred Art Therapy is based on the belief that the individual is responsible and capable of self-determination, enabling the client to discover the message of the image for her/himself. To become more whole and self-aware, we engage both verbal and non-verbal intelligence - both rational thinking and intuitive knowing.  Art can disclose such non-verbal wisdom


Janine Pinion is a published poet and artist.  Since 2001 she has been a tutor for Person-centred Art Therapy North,  works in further education as therapeutic support for students with mental ill-health, and privately as a supervisor and counsellor.  She also runs occasional writing workshops and regular poetry reading groups and gives readings of her own poetry. A Certificate of Attendance was given. This course counts towards Continuing Professional Development.


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